Hello and Welcome!

I am Allison from VeryHappyToys.  Home base: Saskatoon. I design one of a kind puppets and toys for hands big and small.  All carefully handmade in my little workshop. My inspiration most definitely comes from my three children.  I watch how they play, what they play with, and what engages their imagination.  Invariably it’s the simple stuff.  The sorts of toys I remember playing with when I was small.   These are the toys I aspire to create.  Aesthetically pleasing, well made and open to interpretation.

I enjoy toys with personality.  Because everything is handmade, I feel that they are all infused with a unique character or attitude.  I believe this brings more fun to the table. Donuts make good friends

Sometimes we get too busy with the day to day tasks and forget how important play is.  Through play we learn, grow and communicate.  It is something to be valued.  Something to invest in.  And really, play should not end at childhood.  Be wild, get silly and  play pretend 🙂