It’s 2018!

Hello 2018! 8 is my favourite number which makes writing and being part of 2018 very satisfying for me.

After the hectic makery of the months leading up to the holidays I basically crawled into the new year with a book and a hot water bottle.  Typically I get up around 5 to start something.  I have grand ideas of getting so much done before the kids get up but what ends up happening is:  tidy up the dishes I couldn’t be bothered to do the night before, coffee, feed the bread, the cat and then myself.  But over the break I surprised myself by actually catching up on a bit of not doing much.  It was super nice.

Once the kids were back at school I started work on an order of finger puppets for a shop in Calgary. There is a fair amount of hand stitching involved which I could do in the sunny upstairs.

This was perfect because I still hadn’t tackled the mess that was my work space downstairs.


But once I got at it, it felt soooo good to organize and get rid of stuff I don’t really need.  I tell myself I’ll be tidier this year.  But I’m not convinced.


(⇐How I felt once the room was clean again!)





With a clear space it was fun to dig into some new fabrics and get at ‘er.  This sweetie was the first puppet of 2018 ⇒


I am really looking forward to a new year of making and have lots of ideas to get out of my head.