The summer flew by as it always does.  The kids are back to school now.  Two of the three have switched schools.  My oldest is in the Ecoquest program and my daughter has moved into a Montessori program (luckily) at the same school.  This means a good bike ride along the river to get there.  The perfect way to watch the new season take over.  The trees are changing and the air is crisping.  I find the ride to school to be a nice way to chat with the kids and the way back is good for some thinking.  I hope I don’t wimp out when it really does cool down.

Every now and then I really wonder what I am doing.  I think that is normal.  But these days the thought has been pestering me quite a bit.  It is helpful for me to look back through photos and remind myself.   I make lots of different things because there is always a back log of ideas in my head that I need to get through.  It’s always exciting to try something new

I have really enjoyed making play food.  I want to expand on that. Next up…sandwiches?  Because I bake a lot of bread.

Abby and I made this little Snuggle-Me a while back. and it makes me so happy every time I see him.  I say him but it’s actually a stuffy of me that Abby designed.  She wanted to make it because there was a time a couple years back that her little brother would angrily scream  “SNUGGLE ME!”  after bed time was over.  Its funny now but was a little crazy back then.